Returned Orders List

This is a list of returned orders over the last couple of months. I am only including the initials of the name, and zip code the order was requested under. If you think one of these are yours then you need to contact us and match the rest of the information and strains so we know indeed this was your order. Please read below of how to proceed if your order has been returned to us. Hopefully these will all get claimed by there rightful owners.
I'll be removing names from the list every couple of months.

Initials Zip month/year Mailed

DG 44084 Feb. 14
HB 45120 Feb. 14
BJ 34983 Jan. 14
SB 58852 Nov. 13
LW 19901 Dec. 13
?? 53051 Dec. 13
NK 10010 Nov. 13
KD 11217 Nov.13
CL 27103 Nov.13
NC 85705 Nov. 13
JT 75204 Nov.13
JZ 98662 Nov. 13
All returned orders prior to October were given away free on Twitter and Shroomery November 11th.

All returned orders before this date were given away free on sponsors forum since you did not contact me to claim your order in a timely fashion.

If you are on the list of returned orders there are several reasons why the post office would return your order to me. The most common reason is the the name you gave for the order is not registered as a resident at the address you gave for your order. The post office started this policy after 9-11. Other reasons are no apartment number was given, unclaimed order at a po box, wrong address, someone at your address refused the package. We ship to the exact address you provide so 99% of the time it is the customers fault for a returned order. We cut and paste from the info you give, so there are no typos on this end.

To send the $6 for reshipment, either mail it or use our credit card form. At the bottom of the credit card form it says z_returned order Re-Shipment. This will charge the amount to $6.60. Be sure and include your correct name and address and include in the notes its for a returned order. If your billing name and shipping name were different please indicate the billing name. We can not look up orders by shipping address, only billing name and email. If you want to mail your $6 the address is:
PO BOX 7360
Chandler, AZ. 85246

We will send you back the exact same syringes that was originally sent to you. Most of the time spore syringes will last 4-6 months before they start developing a high bacteria count.I'll be removing names from the list every couple of weeks. If they sit here longer then 8 weeks then the order is null and void simply because I do not resell old spore syringes. I give them away free on

If your name is not listed as a resident at the address you gave then you should address it like this:

Your Friends Name
C/O Your Name
555 Tripping Lane
Mushroomville, Florida. 22222